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    Definitly you have to present following documents:

    - copy of your identitycard, alternatively passport
    - copy of your identitycard, alternatively passport from your wife/ husband
    - autorization from your wife/husband
    - identification number for tax for both spouses

    - last decision of taxes
    - declaration of pension (old age pension, widow´s pension, disability pension, private pension)
    - certificate of of your earnings , wage tax deduction
    - attestation of tax of bank, building loan agreement, capital assets for the taxman
    - attestation EU/EWR of the spouse living abroad

    Also we need following documents:

    - proof about times without work: certificate of employment center, certificate of social assistance office, certificate
    of health insurance
    - attestation of sick pay, materny allowance, parentsmoney, interim allowance

    Changing of family status:

    - birth certificate or marriage certificate

    Bank connection:

    - account number, bank code, bank


    - Identification number for tax

    Children above 18:

    - identification number, document about military service, document for studies, documents about employment


    - termination, contract of employment, bank statement, statement of earnings with gratuity

    Support for your ex spouse:

    - identification number
    - Support payments from your ex-husband/ ex- wife:
    - Did you sign the anney U for your Ex- husband/ ex- wife?
    - If so, please declare the amount of payments you have received

    Income-related expenses:

    - distance home/ workplace
    - attestation of employer about amounts you have received for travelling expences or rebate of additional meal allowance
    - attestation of employer about absence of workplace
    - union dues
    - professional indemnity insurance, accident insurance
    - charge for occupational caused move or double housekeeping
    - charge about self- inflicted travel accident
    - proof about occupational workroom:
    - draft of the room,
    - hiring contract,
    - account of additional charges,
    - water account,
    - charge for furnishing,
    - charge for decoration.
    - proof about technical literature, working clothes, PC, Laptop, Handy, Telephone, Internet, Fax
    - proof and charge about retraining or advanced training, business trip, books, travel expences
    - charge for tax accountancy

    For Soldiers:

    - all certificates of assignments, documents about ordnance, telephone bills, chipcards for telephone or internet from the
    abroad assignment, military union dues

    Fees to insurances:

    - Payments to pension insurances aboard
    - attestation from the private health insurance about payed amounts (for you or an other person),
    - attestation from the statutory health insurance about payed amounts (for you or an other person),
    - attestation about payed amount for nurse insurance (for you or an other person),
    - attestation of "Riester"- pension, social security number
    - attestation of legal costs insurance, accident insurance, automobile insurance, casualty insurance, annuity insurance,
    disability insurance, and all other insurances

    Special expences:

    - school- fee,
    - alimony for ex-husband/ex-wife or separated living husband/ wife
    - expenditure for professional training or expenditure for first course of studies,
    - childcare
    - dispenses

    Extraordinary expences:

    - handicapped id
    - treatment expenses,
    - funeral expenses,
    - divorce expenses,

    Support expenses:

    - identification number of supported persons, certificate of support, receipt, passport with chop, planetickets, postbank documents, western union documents already in January

    Tax reduction:

    - account from hirer about additional costs,
    - account from handcrafter,
    - account about employment relationship in housekeeping
    - care level 1 – 3

    Income from rent and lease:
    - agreement for sale, charge of notar and agent, hiring contracts, bill of common electricity and water
    - other bills and receipts (do- it- yourselfstore, and so on)